The 10 Rarest and Most Valuable Disney VHS Tapes

The 10 Rarest and Most Valuable Disney VHS Tapes

Disney has had some of the biggest selling movies of all time on home video. Their animated and live action content has been popular for many years. Almost all the Disney product is readily available on VHS or DVD but a few titles are scarce and command a high price on the open market. Here are 10 of the rarest and most valuable Disney VHS tapes.

Snow White Live At Radio City Music Hall

It is hard to believe that a live stage show would be such a valuable tape but this one is. It was filmed at Radio city Music Hall in 1980 and has garnered rave reviews. The demand for it far exceeds the supply and this tape sells online for quite a bit of money.

Five Mile Creek

Five Mile Creek is a western series that was produced in Australia. It aired on the Disney channel and is notable for featuring a young Nicole Kidman. They were released on VHS in a set of 20 tapes. The first tapes in the series are quite common but volumes 15-20 can command a high price.

Tiger Town

Tiger Town was a 1983 Disney TV movie starring Roy Scheider as a player for the Detroit Tiger who is in the twilight of his career. The movie was shot in Detroit and features several real life members of the team. Although it frequently shows up on Ebay, it is still one of the rarest and most valuable Disney VHS movies around.

Song Of The South

South Of The South was never officially released in North America but did have a release in PAL version. In spite of no official release in the NTSC version, copies pop up all the time on Ebay. Expect to pay at least $50 for a copy.


Brink is a made-for-TV Disney movie about inline skating made in 1998. It has received great reviews and is in great demand. Like most Disney Tv movies, this was released on VHS once and then disappeared.

Great American Cowboy

This is actually a documentary based on rodeo cowboys. This little known film was released in small numbers and would be a forgotten title if not for Disney collectors.

The Muppets Frog Prince

Most Muppet productions were released in large quantities and heavily promoted so they are easily found almost anywhere. This title was releases in 1971 before the Muppets became big. It can still be found on the internet but be prepared to pay a price.


Motocrossed is a TV movie about motocross racing. It was released in 2001 when VHS was losing popularity and DVD was still growing. It is not too hard to find it on the internet but high demand has kept the price of the VHS high.

The Devil & Max Devlin

The Devil & Max Devlin features Bill Cosby and Elliot Gould about the devil convincing a man sent to hell to try and get 3 people to sell their souls. This Disney movie raised eyebrows by having Bill Cosby in an evil role and containing curse words. The movie has been released a couple of times on DVD, but the original VHS version is hard to find.

Child Of Glass

Child Of Glass is a Disney TV movie made in 1978 about a boy helping a ghost solve a riddle. Although the value of the VHS version has dropped in recent years, it is still difficult to find.

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