The Rarest and Most Valuable Board Games

The Rarest and Most Valuable Board Games

Board games have been around for centuries. Before the invention of Television or even radio, families would gather together in the evenings and play games. Some of the earliest board games from the 1800’s have come up for auction from time to time. A few of these games sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Here are some of the rarest and most valuable board games.

The Game Of Merry Christmas


The Game Of Merry Christmas is a classic board game produced in the late 1800’s with a Christmas theme. The pictures on the box, like most board games of this time period, were very vivid and detailed. The last copy of this game sold for over $1100 at auction.


Wacht Am Rhein

Wacht Am Rhein is a simulation game based on the Battle Of The Bulge. The title is based on a German patriotic song which was particularly popular during World War I.



Stratomatic Baseball


Stratomatic Baseball is a board game that used cards and statistics to simulate a game of baseball. The game was introduced in 1961 and the early editions are quite valuable if they are in complete condition.


War Of The Ring Collectors Edition

 The rare Collector’s Edition of War of the Ring was a board game created by Fantasy Flight. Although the game is not very old, it is no longer available through normal retail chains and is quite hard to find. A recent copy in mint condition sold for $900.



The Stanley Africa Game 

This extremely rare board game from Bliss tells the tale of a hunting expedition in Africa. The illustrations on the box and playing board are quite impressive. The last copy up for auction sold for $1079.

Rival Policemen

Rival Policemen is a rare board game that was released in 1896. Rival police forces compete to catch the largest number of crooks. A recent copy of the game sold for $1284.

The Wonderful Game Of Oz

The Wonderful Game Of Oz was based on the story of the Wizard Of Oz, but pre-dates the movie by almost 20 years.  A complete copy of the game will sell for several hundred dollars.



The Mansion Of Happiness

The Mansion Of Happiness is a board game based on Christian values.  The game was published by W. & S.B. Ives in 1843 and was one of the first boards games ever produced. Parker Bros. purchased the right to the game after the Ives died. The game was republished in 1894 looking almost identical to the original.


Travelers Tour Through The United States

New York City bookseller F. Lockwood published a board game called Traveller’s Tour Through The United States in 1822. This game is officially recognized as the first board game ever produced in the United States.


This board game was a parody based on Monopoly. You buy liqouor stores and crackhouses instead of railraods and homes. The game pieces include a pimp, whore, and a 40oz beer. Needless to say, the game stirred up a lot of controversy and was quickly withdrawn from the market. A complete copy in excellent condition can go for over $200.

Little Nemo

This 1908 board game by Milton Bradley rarely comes up for auction but when it does it commands a big price. The last complete edition sold for over $1500.

Creature From The Black Lagoon

This board game released by Hasbro in 1963 does not have very many pieces but it is very hard to find in complete condition. One sold recently for $1500.

Game Of Baseball

This game released in the 1880’s is a very crude baseball simulation game. A good copy will sell for over $1000.

Bulls & Bears

This is considered one of the holy frails of board games. Based on the stock market, a copy of this recently sold for over $4000.

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1904 The Landlord’s Game. Complete in box can fetch over $10.000.

This is the game which Darrow loosely copied and later marketed as Monopoly.

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